10 Best Meditation Apps For iOS [March 2021]

Meditation plays an essential part in staying calm & treating inflammatory disorder & in dropping sleeplessness.

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Meditation is for everybody. Whether you are a student, a professional, an artist, or anybody else, it’ll be helpful for you. Meditation can help you sleep fully, clear your mind, concentrate, & live in the existing present moment.

Best Meditation Apps For iOS

There are many meditations & psychological health applications for consumers available, which allows individuals to perform meditation exercises.

If you are looking for the application for performing the correct meditation, then checkout below 10 Best Free Meditation Apps for iPhone of December 2020.


Top 10 Best Meditation Apps for iOS 2021

So Let’s Checkout the 10 Best Meditation Apps for iOS Without Wasting further time: –

1. Calm

Calm is just one of the top-rated & Best iOS Meditation Application which can be found on the app shop for Free. The Application can help you in enhancing your sleep quality, reducing anxiety, improve focus, etc.

Additionally, it has supervised meditation programs, breathing methods, sleep stories, stretching workouts, etc. Thus, Calm is your excellent meditation application which you may use in your iPhone.

Calm app

Sleep Stories are night tales that are confirmed to calm you into a peaceful sleep. Calm has 100+ various Sleep Stories for children, men & women, highlighting talents such as Matthew McConaughey, Stephen Fry, Jerome Flynn & Leona Lewis. Float off to sleep & wake up energized.


2. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is one of the best meditation application available for iOS. The application has plenty of focused meditations & discussions led by the top meditation gurus, psychologists, neuroscientists, & professors.

The free version of this application enables you to get 1000s of supervised meditations at absolutely free. It offers focused meditations on several subjects like self-kind, sleeping, lowering anxiety, leadership, healing from addictions, etc.

Insight Timer


1- 1000+ Supervised Meditations.

2 – Get Quick Meditations on the go, Assisting You to create an easy regular habit.

3- 1000s of audio tracks & sounds to calm the mind, better sleep, better concentrate etc.

4- Most Enthusiastic Meditation Timer.

5- Practice your preferred educators.

Insight Timer app

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3. Oak – Meditation & Breathing

Oak Meditation & Breathing Application offers to change your meditation practice completely in the experiment into a routine.

The application provides lots of guided mindfulness & kindness meditations. You may even pick a managed session length ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour in time.



1- Directed Mindfulness & kindness meditations with female & male teachers.

2- Pick a managed session length varying from 5 Minutes to 1 Hour.

3- Pick unguided meditation sessions which vary from 10 minutes to 24 hours.

4- Move-in quiet or select peaceful background music (bowls, cubes, bells, flows, & other mild noises ) that improve restfulness.

5- Lessons- Learn How to follow Mantra meditation using a 10-day class.

Oak app

4. Headspace

Headspace is one of the best iOS Application as a guide to mindfulness to your daily life. Quickly learn mindfulness & meditation experiences from world best gurus.

This Application offers countless directed meditations on topics like concentrate, exercise, work, relationships, sleep, stress etc. In addition to that, it has plenty of brief meditation methods for fast psychological rest.

Hundreds app


1- Countless directed meditations on topics like concentrate, stress, sleep & productivity.

2- Various Sleep Sounds.

3- Daily Meditations on a new problem.

4- Advance Mode workouts & aware aerobic.


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5. The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App is also excellent for iOS Devices. It offers plenty of meditation methods & classes on the relationship, a clear mind, concentrates, fight with stress & much more.

But Unfortunately, the free version of this Mindfulness App is restricted to just fundamental meditations.

The Mindfulness App


1- A 5 day directed practise & intro to Mindfulness Meditation.

2- Minute Sessions- directed & quiet meditations from 3 minutes to 1 hour.

3- Meditation & Mindful Notifications which assists You to Be more mindful all Day.

4- Statistics of your Meditations.

The Mindfulness

6.Sattva Meditations & Mantras

Sattva Meditations & Mantras is just another exceptional iOS Meditation Application. The excellent thing about Sattva Meditations & Mantras is that each of meditations, spiritual sounds, & audio are sent by Sanskrit teachers who’ve mastered the sensitive internal functioning of the brain.

The Application has over 100+ directed meditations, lots of sacred music & sounds.

Sattva Meditations & Mantras


1- Supervised Meditations

2- Sacred Spiritual Sounds (Vedic chants & mantras)

3- Thoughtful Experience

4- Meditation Sounds & Music

5- Mudra Meditations

Sattva Meditations

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7.Relax Meditation Guided Mind

Relax Meditation Guided Mind is an easy & simple Meditation App for iOS Users. If you’re a newcomer, then Relax Meditation: Guided Mind would be the ideal choice for you since it offers step-by-step advice on each meditation subjects & issues.

It ensures meditation methods for daily subjects like Dating, Self-Esteem, Stress, Success, Productivity, etc.

Relax Meditation


1. Access 5-day Introductory course of meditation for Free. With just 10 minutes daily, practice & learn mindfulness meditation using a schedule precisely created program.

2. Many Topics like Self-Esteem, Relationships, Success, Productivity…

3. A broad variety of 5-day meditation uses specifically in various everyday problems.

Relax Meditation app

8. Ten Percent Happier Meditation

Ten Percent Happier Meditation is the top-rated & one of the Meditation Application for iOS. The application promises to make you 10% more joyful.

This App offers supervised meditations, discussions, & sleep material that helps to enhance your meditation training. The library of 10% Happier Meditation includes over 500+ directed meditations on various subjects.

Ten Percent Happier Meditation


1- Meditation Videos which allow it to be enjoyable & simple to learn how to meditate.

2- A program of 500+ directed meditations on subjects which range from stress to parenting to concentrate, assuring you can find the suitable meditation for now.

3- Sleep segment full of relaxing meditations which make it easy to fall asleep.

Ten Percent Happier

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9. Meditation Studio

Meditation Studio is another Best iOS Mediation Application which helps you to decrease stress, relieve anxiety, enhance sleep & confidence.

Meditation Studio App gives you step-by-step advice on each meditation sitting.

Meditation Studio


1- You will Section such as Motivation, Happiness, Performance, Mindset Talks, Work, Focus, Confidence, Life Transitions, Creativity, etc.

2- Uplift your mood & Discover you’re inside outstanding.


10. Present

Present is also one of the top-rated meditation application for iOS Devices which promises to deliver more awareness, happiness, & pleasure to your ordinary life.

The Application offers you countless mindfulness meditations that will assist you to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, & sleep much better.



1- Decrease of Tension & nervousness to Remain relaxed & calm.

2- Sleep much better to Decrease stress & tension.

3- Improved self-awareness.

4- Become a successful leader.

Present app

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Final Words

So, these are the Top 10 best iOS meditation apps that you can use on your iPhone for Free.

Comment below your favourite Mediation App!

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